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A Working Gal's Guide to Preparedness

Being prepared for the curveballs that life inevitably throws you has never been a glamorous (or feminine) quality.

Boy Scouts are taught how to survive in the woods, Girl Guides learn how to make friendship bracelets.

Maybe there's a reasonable explanation for my inability to make it past Sparks (I could make friendship bracelets in my sleep. I wanted to learn something useful!). Sorry mom!

As we mature and move through the journey that is life, one (should) quickly realize how useful it is to be prepared. Tampons, band aids, lipstick, gum... The list goes on.

ENTER: the oversized purse (and the accompanying shoulder pain & visits to the chiropractor).

You've made it through school (yay!) or maybe you're somewhere in between (woohoo!), but either way, you've had to learn the hard way that it sucks when you're not prepared. It's expensive, inconvenient, or mortifying. Or all of the above.

Keeping hair ties in your Mary Poppins-style bag is one of those things we always mean to do, but don't quite get there. Same with bobby pins, but that's a lost cause. Honestly, I think those evaporate.

That's why I started Ponytail Mail. To help my fellow sisters (and long-haired brothers) out. And to make preparedness a little more fashionable.

Subscribe for an ongoing (and potentially endless, that's up to you) stream of hair ties, sent right to your door.

Never again will you have to use a rubber band (ouch) or deal with a sweaty neck (gross)!

And bonus - they're handcrafted (by yours truly), and won't crease or snag your hair. Which makes them PERFECT for those 6am pre-office yoga classes, because you'll be able to release those luscious locks without that dreaded kink in your hair.

(I know what you're thinking. It's more like... that 20 minute workout, 15 minutes before dinner. The struggle is real). 

Support a local Canadian business and order today!

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