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About Our Hair Ties

Because hair ties should be fancy.

You wear them on your wrist, which means they qualify as jewellery.

That means they should be nice to look at, right?

Assorted Hair Ties
The squad (i.e., Jackie) at Ponytail Mail believes that you shouldn't give up fashionĀ for function... nor should you have to spend an exorbitant amount of money for these chic hair accessories necessities.Ā Plus,Ā think of the TIME you'll save, never having to shop for these again!
Our handcrafted hair ties are born and shipped from Toronto, Canada. Made from a soft, stretchable ribbon elastic that won't creaseĀ orĀ damage your hair, every piece is carefully finished for sleek, fray-free ends that will outlast your hair ties' useful life (because inevitably, your cat/roommate/sister will steal them all).

We're proudly Canadian! Currently, we ship to Canada and the United States.