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5 Easy Steps to Cure a Bad Hair Day

Remember that time you woke up looking like this?

Bad Hair Day Llama Yah, there's probably grass in your hair too. 

Don't panic. S*!% happens. Here are 5 tips to save the day:

1) Assess the situation, as calmly as possible.

Do you really have time to shower and dry your hair? Chances are, no. You're going to work with what you've got. Accept this reality, and keep breathing. 

2) Once you have committed (and come to terms) with your initial assessment, proceed accordingly.

Are you in possession of any hair care products that will help the rectify the situation? That sample you got from Sephora last month doesn't count. Use only what you know. Today is not the day to be testing out that new dry shampoo. 

3) Decide if you're going up, down, or somewhere in between.

This is a crucial moment. Although you can always switch it up mid-day (transitioning from down to up is obviously much easier), remember that without the proper tools, your sketchy hair situation may become even sketchier. In the comfort of your own home and with a full sized mirror, get that mane into a ponytail, bun, braid, or whatever else you can create. And fast - remember, you're probably already late for something.

4) Alternatively, find a seasonally appropriate head covering.

Also, make sure it's a suitable choice for the day's activities. Please don't wear your ratty baseball cap to the office. Or your floppy beach hat. Actually - do it. #yolo.

5) Reach for your ever-growing collection of #ponytailmail.

You can never have enough hair ties. Drop a few in your purse, and always have one on your wrist. And if you're out, you can buy some more here. Or better yet, just subscribe so you never have to worry again.

I've got 99 hair ties but I can't find one

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