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Are these hair ties really that much better?

What is all the hype about?

Can a hair tie really be that revolutionary? 

We think so. Ponytail Mail believes that once you try these hair ties, you'll have a hard time using anything else! Let us tell you why:

1. They're made from a soft, flexible material called fold over elastic (FOE). FOE is gentle enough for babies, as it's often used in cloth diaper DIYs, baby headbands, as well as children's clothing.
2. Since FOE is forgiving yet stretchy - our hair ties won't crease or snag your hair! 
3. Unlike most of the FOE hair ties you'll find online or in high end retailers, ours are uniquely finished with a flexible seal (and not left open to fraying). They're also handmade in Canada, with love!
4. They're pretty, and make for great accessories. You can coordinate with your outfit to add a little something special to your everyday. 
5. Shipped directly to your door - fun and functional!
So what are you waiting for? Start shopping!

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