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Our Story (Extended Edition)

Meet Jackie (again, if you've read Our Story).

Jackie started making hair ties because of her obsessive crafting disorder and an overall distaste for the overpriced, store-bought variety that weren't finished properly or made with love.

After spending 3 years making these for both herself and her friends, Jackie realized that it was time to share these with the rest of the world. Not only that, but having a closet full of hair ties really wasn't adding any value to her quality of life. 

And thus, Ponytail Mail was born. After realizing that the average person doesn't have a closet full of elastic and and near infinite supply of hair ties, the idea of a subscription model came to life! Not only does it offer a good balance between surprise (colours) and routine (deliveries), it also means you'll never have to go looking for a hair tie again. Unless your cat steals them - that's a thing.

This store has not only been a labour of love, but a fantastic creative outlet for a young professional who has struggled to find comfort and safety in the confines of a "traditional" career. Working in an office and climbing the corporate ladder might work for some, but Jackie has always known that deep down, she was born to create. With a background in digital project management and brand management, she figured it was time to put those skills to the test!

When she's not working on building this business (and making hair ties), she's either cooking, crocheting, chasing squirrels, or teaching at barre3.



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