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Our Story

Meet Jackie. 

As a competitive dancer, Jackie knew her way around that aisle at the drugstore. The one where she would survey the many options available, shake her head, and pick them up anyway.
Hair ties.
It wasn't that she had anything against them, per se. It was that they had something against her, and her hair. The struggle was definitely real.
If it wasn't holding, it was snapping (right before ballet class, yay...). If it wasn't tired or worn out, it was dangling on her wrist like a sad, abandoned piece of string. Or, better yet - the rubber piece intertwined or affixed to the inside, intended to hold one's hair... mysteriously vanishing after the third use.
There had to be a better way. When Jackie discovered some elastic in her mom's sewing kit, all it took was a quick cut and a knot - Ponytail Mail was born!
The squad at Ponytail Mail is committed to bringing the highest quality hair ties to the Canadians' doorsteps. Each and every Ponytail Mail hair tie is handcrafted with love in Toronto, Ontario. And by squad, it's really just Jackie, some very kind friends, and her cat. For now.
In her spare time, Jackie chases squirrels, crochets, and works in the fitness industry. She sometimes goes by Jacklyn, it just depends on the day. 
For the full, unabridged background story, check out this blog post.