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Frequently Asked Questions

So you've got questions - hopefully we've got the answers. If not, just ask at!

Orders & Subscriptions

How does it work?

Do you love searching frantically for a hair tie when you’re (inevitably) running late for that one thing you can’t be late for?

Yah, right.

Simply select from one of our three subscriptions (The Starter, The Splurge, or The Squad and we’ll send them directly to your door every month (or bi-monthly, which is every other month). It's that easy!

The only different between each of the subscriptions is the number of hair ties you receive each month - 5, 10, and 20, respectively. Our 1 month package is great if you're not sure if you'll like these, or if you're really great at keeping track of your stuff. If not, you'll save your hard earned $ by subscribing for 3+ months!

Shipping is FREE* for all subscriptions, and the discount model is the same for all packages:

      • 3 months: 5% off
      • 6 months: 10% off

Note that all prices listed include the above discount, as applicable. 

It’s time to bring back the ponytail. Neck sweat is overrated.

*Why the asterisk? We don't like secrets, so we want to be clear that a $6 shipping subsidy is added to each month's subscription for US orders. Also, our free shipping minimum is $20, so if your order is less than that.. sorry!

When will I receive my order?

Subscription orders will now be fulfilled & shipped as they roll in, ideally within 48 - 72 hours! Note that subsequent months' orders will be mailed out around the 10th of the month, give or take a day or two for holidays and weekends.

Learn more about our shipping & returns policy here.

What if I move?

Let us know ASAP and we'll be sure to update your shipping address in time for your next shipment. Otherwise, we're hoping you are a responsible adult and you're forwarding your mail.

Can I pause my subscription?

Planning a 3 month trip to Asia? We've got you. Just send us an email and we'll do our best to make it werk (werk werk werk werk).

Where do you ship?

Anywhere in Canada and the United States, via Canada Post! We're keeping it local, for now! See here for more information about our shipping options and rates. We are happy to ship internationally, you'll just have to send us an email so we can give you a quote!

Can I pick the colours in my subscription?

That would ruin all the fun - not to mention, the surprise factor! Occasionally, your subscription will include limited edition colours otherwise unavailable for purchase. If you would like to purchase a specific colour, you can do so here

I’ve ordered The Starter for 6 months, but I’d really like to receive 2 deliveries (i.e. 10 hair ties) next month. Is that possible?

Normally, you can’t have your cake and eat it too. However, we like to make magic happen at Ponytail Mail. Whatever the reason, let us know! We’re here to make this work for you.

Can I send subscriptions as a gift?

Yes! Just let us know by telling us that it’s a gift in the cart page and we can personalize it with an extra message (i.e. birthday, bridesmaid gift, etc)! We don't include any pricing info, so you're all good there.

Can I use more than one discount code?

Unfortunately, this isn't the place to channel your #extremecouponing - only one discount code per transaction.

Are your prices in CAD or USD?

Canadian! For our American friends, this means that our hair ties are even more affordable than you think, and well worth the additional shipping charge :)

About Our Hair Ties

What exactly are these made of?

Fold over elastic that is 5/8 inches wide (and latex free!), plus flexible, non-toxic fabric glue! And love. Lots of love.

Who is Ponytail Mail?

A little crafter from Toronto, Ontario, Canada, named Jackie. Learn about her story here.

Will these actually hold my hair up? My hair is really thick!

Yes! Ponytail Mail was born after Jackie experienced years of frustration and trying just about everything under the sun - either the rubber part wasn’t grippy enough, they snapped, or she needed 5 of them to hold up a dance competition-worth high ponytail. She finally turned to making her own, and the rest is history!

How do I take care of my hair ties?

Firstly, keep track of them as best you can! While they are in your possession, try to keep them out of water - the elastic itself will dry (just remove from your hair or wrist and lay flat to dry), but over time the sealed edge will wear out. Also - watch out for velcro! That stuff will snag your little hair tie babies... no fun! :(

However, by the time it stretches out... it will probably have disappeared already! Honestly, there's a hair tie monster out there... the sock monster's cousin? If not, there's a ton of ways to reuse them. We're working on a blog post to share our favourite re-uses!

How true are the colours shown?

Just about as true as we could possibly get - all of our product shots were done with natural light, and enhanced to achieve the most accurate colour possible.

Do you do custom orders? I'd love to use these for party favours/bridesmaids gifts!

Of course! We love putting together custom orders. We can do custom packaging, embellishments (crystals, pendants, beads, etc), and more! Give us a shout to start the process. 

How about fundraising initiatives? I would love to sell these to raise money for my team/organization.

We do that too! Check out our fundraising page, here.

And do cats really like these hair ties?

Yes, cats like everything that you want to keep sacred and safe. That's one of the laws of physics, right?